Alessia Cocca interview

ale autoritratto

Alessia Cocca was born in Benevento (Italy) in 1982 and now lives in Berlin. She uses all the photo possibilities to explore big and small issues of our inner world. Enjoy the reading of her answers to a few questions.And don’t miss her solo show in Berlin: Absence / Mancanze opens 09. Feb. 2013  and will run ’till 23. Feb. 2013 at Kunstraum Tapir.

Full interview and preview images after the cut.
[All images and self portrait copyright by Alessia Cocca]

Where do you come from and where will you go?

I come from Italy and I will go towards everyone, everyplace and everything that is waiting for me, I don’t know where.

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Dean West + Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West  _5

Multi_award winner photographer Dean West (1983, Australia) join forces with ultra_real Lego sculptor Nathan Sawaya (1973, Usa) in this hide and seek serie entitled In Pieces: every pic has a Lego element perfectly inserted (if you really cannot find them go here and use the “detail” tool to explore the photos). In Pieces is at the Columbia Museum of Art till Feb 27.

And check out all of Dean’s works  here and Nathan’s here.

Whole serie  HERE.

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Nandipha Mntambo


Nandipha Mntambo was born in Swaziland in 1982 and she is the kind of artist that can use every kind of media. What I see in her works is that life if a fight, that life is fickle and that life (or just being alive) is a natural instinct. We are made of what surrounds us, and nature surrounds us so… never forget where you come from. More after the cut and on her website.

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Namsa Leuba


Maybe my followers will be puzzled by this technicolor choice. I love Namsa Leuba photos: they have passion and alienation, they show African identity and on a wider plan they tell that we are just human beings, all alone on this planet, everyone with his cultural baggage on his shoulders. More pics after the cut and on Namsa’s website.

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Ludiko > Philip K Dick tribute


PKD wrote a few non science fiction novels between 1948 and 1960, Confessions of a crap artist is one of these, originally written in 1959. Charley and Fay are married and live in a place that looks like Twin Peaks 30 ears earlier, just a little bit less creepy. In the end, Charley kills all Fay’s animals and then commits suicide. This is Ludiko showing us that tragic epilogue. Details pics after the cut.

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Christian Rainer > Philip K Dick tribute

C.Rainer - Rehab 5 - Stefano e Antonella insieme

A scanner darkly is an award winning novel by PKD about drugs abuse and related issues. Bob Arctor is the protagonist: his persistent use of the drug “Substance D” causes the two hemispheres of his brain to function independently, or “compete.” After the cut “Rehab”, the whole junkie set by Christian Rainer about Bob and his mates and their world.

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Serena Zanardi > Philip K Dick tribute

Foglia Web

Of Withered Apples (1954) is a curious short story by Philip K Dick. It deals with mystery and it has a borderline horror taste. A dried apple leaf stings Lori and then… well you can red the full story clicking its title. This is Lori photographed by Serena Zanardi, an amazing diptych you can see ’till tomorrow at the Here Today, Mars Tomorrow show at the Ducal Palace in Genoa, Italy.

Mele Web

Squp > Philip K Dick tribute

Squp_Precog_Donna Precog da Rapporto di minoranza

Squp pays tribute to grand master Philip K Dick choosing the “precog woman” from The Minority Report tale (1956). Precogs are raised in a government-operated training school for people with dysfunctional brain. The precogs are kept in rigid position by metal bands, clamps and wiring, which keep them attached to special high-backed chairs. Their physical needs are taken care of automatically and it is said that they have no spiritual needs. They do not understand their predictions. Most of the data produced is useless for preventing murders and is passed to other agencies.

Zaelia Bishop > Philip K Dick tribute


On December 12/21/12 I opened an exhibition at the Ducal Palace in Genoa, Italy: Here today, Mars tomorrow. I asked artists to portrait a character taken from PKD stories. This is Kongrosian by Zaelia Bishop. Richard Kongrosian (from The Simulacra – 1964) is a well known pianist who performs in the White House. Kongrosian believes that his body odor is lethal; this belief is delusional, he has no such body odor. Kongrosian has telekinetic abilities: he can play piano using only his mind and he is schizoid. Unfortunately he cannot recover because analysts are illegal.

Daniel Arsham


Daniel Arsham was born in Cleveland (Usa) in 1980 and lives in New York. His production is about the relationship between what is real and what is enclosed in the dark side of the mind, our little untold secrets, mania and fears. I adore his lunar series. It gives me shivers and makes me feel alone, an atavistic loneliness that comes from the human collective memory. Check him out here!