Ketos project / WHALELESS

f.veron_a whale came to me and told me a secretThis photo, A whale came to me and told me a secret, by Fernanda Veron is on sale, part of the proceeds will go to the organizations that were partner of Ketos/Whaleless: Tethys Research Institute and Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Get in touch for price and details.

Ketos project / WHALELESS

An International Group Show dedicated to the Whales

The project “Whaleless” was born on the pages of the Italian Pig magazine and on; after receiving artworks from all over the world (from the USA to Hong Kong, from Russia to Venezuela) and hundreds of thousands of clicks on the website, “Whaleless” is now on the road, started with Strychnin Galleryin London on July 11th. The exhibition (every time with different artists) will then head to major European cities over the next few years, trying to raise awareness for this global environmental problem.

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