Here today, Mars tomorrow


Here today, Mars tomorrow

Philip K. Dick was a pivotal figure in the culture of the Second World War, in his stories and novels explored deep issues (from theology to the relationship between nature and man, from late capitalism to simulacra, from the escape from a our reality’s disintegration up to the impact of mass media on our society) raising science fiction to a next level, becoming one of the masters of postmodern literature (like Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, James Ballard, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon Joseph Heller …)
For these reasons, thirty years after his death, the work of Philip K Dick is still present and in the heart of global attention.

Philip K Dick has died prematurely because of heart failure on March 2nd 1982.

The exhibition Here Today, Tomorrow Mars is a tribute to Philip K Dick, to his rich imagination and to the characters of his stories: it has been asked to artists to make a photographic portrait of the protagonists and characters, even minor, of his novels and short stories. As if they were portraits of newly Mars colonists, of replicants, of extraterrestrial entities, or ghosts. The collection of photographs thus collected will be a delicate cross-section of contemporary society, lost somewhere between PKD’s cynical eye and glimpse of hope. This is the power of science fiction: looking at the future while writing about the present.

Location: Palazzo Ducale, Genova.

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