In the projects I curate I like to put my love for pop culture, ecology and the big and small issues of life and death. Another focus word in my work is “network”: I believe that contamination and collaboration between people with different backgrounds and roles is a basic plus value.

Some since September 2007:

Do you Nomi?

Do you Nomi? is a travelling art/music/performance project in memory of the late Klaus Nomi. A tribute to a unique artist able to join the world of fashion, the opera, the disco music and a futuristic rock imagery together. An alien angel lost somewhere between the German expressionist cabaret and a time travel toward apocalypse. A free soul, childish and melancholic, that hoped in a better world. Klaus disappeared because of AIDS in 1983.
With Res Pira Lab

She’s lost control

An all female group exhibition. Artists dealt with losing control, with the english band Joy Division and with the book they took their name from: House of Dolls by Ka-Tzetnik 135633, about living in a lager and holocaust.
With Res Pira Lab

Ketos project / WHALELESS

An International Group Show dedicated to the Whales

The project “Whaleless” was born on the pages of the Italian Pig magazine and on; after receiving artworks from all over the world (from the USA to Hong Kong, from Russia to Venezuela) and hundreds of thousands of clicks on the website, “Whaleless” is now on the road, started with Strychnin Galleryin London on July 11th. The exhibition (every time with different artists) will then head to major European cities over the next few years, trying to raise awareness for this global environmental problem.
With Res Pira

De Rerum Digitalis

Festival della Creatività, Florence

De Rerum Digitalis is a network of artists, designers and creative people who, through technology, artistic talent and creativity spread digital “seeds and spores”, informative and practical inputs on contemporary enviromental issues.

At the Festival della Creatività 2008, De Rerum Digitalis (Fortezza da Basso, Spadolini Pavilion) wants to be a “digital aquarium/greenhouse”, a bridge between past and future, between innovation and environmental sensitivity, to find new ways to conjugate technology, communication and responsible sustainability.
With Res Pira

The Enchanted Forest

Every single minute a surface equal to 36 football fields disappear from our planet Earth. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. Deforested regions typically incur significant adverse soil erosion and frequently degrade into wasteland. Deforestation accounts for up to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, with the effects on climate changing that we’re watching almost every day in the news. The idea is to recreate a whole world, The Enchanted Forest, where it will be possible to see both the desolation of what we’re destroing and the hope of what we can save.

We cannot survive in a habitat made of our own waste.

In 1948, George Orwell wrote his masterpiece, 1984, a novel of great imagination about a utopian future.

2048 is an artistic project inspired by the evocative strength of Orwell’s pages: the involved artists are asked to imagine themselves living 38 years forward and to tell and represent, through videos/site-specifics, their existence in the heart of the century.

Between past and future, artists crash with the many alternatives and forking paths life puts before us everyday, our today’s choices shape the huge tomorrow’s mosaic.

The astrophysic Martin Rees theorized that the twenty-first century humanity has the 50% of possibility to destroy itself and the biosphere. Where are we going?

Selva Obscura

It’s an exhibition of international artists, the first show of 2012 organized by Officine dell’Immagine located in Via Atto Vannucci 13 in Milan, in collaboration with Strychnin Gallery of Berlin.
The group show Selva Obscura (opening thursday 23th february), curated by Giovanni Cervi, 19 artists with about 40 works, situates for the first time Neopantheism, an art trend spread in all the world.

Neopantheist artists are developing a new mythology that blends last century pop culture, classic inspiration and alchemical animism.

Past Forward

Italian creativity has always been a world-class excellence with globally recognized names, from Leonardo to Fellini, from Canova to Maurizio Cattelan. The basic idea of Past Forward is asking artists from the contemporary language and sensibility of paying homage to the classics of Italian art, each one using their technique, remaking or remixing them.
Location: Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

Here today, Mars tomorrow


Dick was a pivotal figure in the culture of the Second World War, in his stories and novels explored deep issues (from theology to the relationship between nature and man, from late capitalism to simulacra, from the escape from a our reality’s disintegration up to the impact of mass media on our society) raising science fiction to a next level, becoming one of the masters of postmodern literature (like Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, James Ballard, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon Joseph Heller …)
For these reasons, thirty years after his death, the work of Philip K Dick is still present and in the heart of global attention.

Philip K Dick has died prematurely because of heart failure on March 2nd 1982.

The exhibition Here Today, Tomorrow Mars is a tribute to Philip K Dick, to his rich imagination and to the characters of his stories: it has been asked to artists to make a photographic portrait of the protagonists and characters, even minor, of his novels and short stories. As if they were portraits of newly Mars colonists, of replicants, of extraterrestrial entities, or ghosts. The collection of photographs thus collected will be a delicate cross-section of contemporary society, lost somewhere between PKD’s cynical eye and glimpse of hope. This is the power of science fiction: looking at the future while writing about the present.

Location: Palazzo Ducale, Genova.

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