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+ Woodenleg is available for: media parnerships and artist scouting for your art gallery, projects and events. I accept money or every kind of swap that could interest me. Just make your offer.
In a “degrowth” feeling I decided to barter and swap my banners’ space, if you’re interested just make your offer and let’s negotiate. I accept money, of course, and the exchange of banners, links and whatever pops in your mind, no limits.. but it must fit my taste..

Email address (without spaces): @

+ Feel free to submit your art, actions, exhibitions, performance…

Terms of submission: you have the right to send me the images and info and allow me to publish the content in this blog.

Please remember to include your contacts, website url and all the details and credits.

+ Get in touch with me if you have questions or want more info or just to say hello: the address is (without spaces): @

I apologize if I’ll not reply all the emails, they are too many; I read all of them but I will only reply if I find the submission interesting.

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