Microbo was born in the streets at the end of last millenium. You can spot her urban interventions all around the world, she developed a very personal style inspired by microbes conquering human civilized environment. Cities are not the same since the birth of Microbo. This piece is at the Subterranean Modern exhibition in Milan. Follow her here and here!

Xavier Delory

Xavier Delory was born in 1973, lives in Belgium and investigates human beings and urban beings and their relationship, often made of lack of communication between humans and agglomeration of bricks and misshaped buildings. It seems to me that Xavier points his lenses towards the inhuman way we live. is this the future of urban art? You can see his art live at the Istambul Museum of Modern Art ’till December 12th.

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Vermibus is based in Berlin and he is an eraser. He takes advertisement posters from the streets and then brushes away logos and faces in a critical gesture against homologation. Our identity is stolen, brands give us specimen, we are marketing slaves and Guinea Pigs. How can have to stop this loop? Starting from the streets. More Vermibus here and after the cut.

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Studiocromie is famous for its Fame Festival, one of the hypest street & urban art events in the world settled in the middle of nowhere in southern Italy (aka Grottaglie). Their new out of fashion project is Sangue (aka Blood), clothes inspired by walls and nature and everything can become an urban pattern for a lost in time and space outfit. Check out the intro video HERE and more pics after the cut.

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Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto)

Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto) was born in Portugal in 1987. He destroys and excavates to reveal the history of buildings’ facades and walls. He brings back the human faces that once were to reveal the new urban inhabitants. Just like an urban photoshop with layers made of dust, shadows, bricks, posters… His next solo show, Entropie, will be in Paris at Magda Danysz, opening on  Saturday 23 June 2012 at 6PM.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis

[in collaboration with Christina Theisen]

Alexandros was born in Athens in 1980. He brings to life the forgotten objects we leave behind with his installations. There is life after rubbish. Urban spaces do not belong to humans anymore. Trashlings are the new ruling breed. Bye bye Earthlings! More after the cut and on his website!

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son:DA is a duo (with son:DA little helpers in many of their projects) from Slovenia. They make a kind of hyper contemporary conceptual art, or at least that’s what it seems to me. The city is their playground and the wires and the byte their sand castles. Their next solo show will be at spazio Ultra in Udine, Italy, over.psd: stickers will cover the gallery wall and floor and buyers will have the chance to buy and print a limited number of times the files. Welcome to the digital collection world!

Daniel Martin Diaz

I admit: I wanted to have this idea, this chance and those artists! I’m for peace but war memorabilia always fascinates me. The Bone Yard Project opens on Jan 28th at Prima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, you will see the resurrection of disused airplanes (or parts of them) due to amazing artist’s touch. Above you can see Daniel Martin Diaz‘s Vietnam era Cluster Bomb and here the making of. Other artists are: Colin Chillag, Crash, Daze, Tristan Eaton, Jameson Ellis, Ron English, Faile, Eric Foss, Mark Kostabi, Lisa Lebofsky, El Mac, Alex Markwith, Walter Robinson, Hector Ruiz, Randy Slack, Ryan Wallace, and Eric White, among others. Impressive!


Miso was born in Ukraine in ’88 and now lives in Australia. All I can tell about her art is that she’s delicate. And it must not be easy in this concrete world. Every time I look at her art (and above all to her exhibitions’ pics) I feel challenged, like I know I have to understand something but I’m  not ready to do it. Maybe the challenge is that I have to stop 5 more seconds and keep all that sweetness (sometimes melancholic) inside of me. Or maybe I’m just dumb.