Warren Haasnoot

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Warren Haasnoot is a young architect from Newcastle (AUS). I love his Carrington Wharf Project, I imagine all these tables hanging in an art gallery’s wall attracting envies and curses by loads of so-called-artists. Go on Warren!

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Danny van Ryswyk

Danny was born in Schiedam, the Netherlands, in 1972 and looking at his art is like a out of body experience. You see strange things and your brain catalogs them as usual routine. You see past lives shots and it is like you really remember them. You see his 2D and 3D illustration and you feel normal. These are the 3 reason why I love him. Check him out here and after the cut!

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Jennifer B Hudson

Jennifer was born and raised in a spiritual and conservative home in rural Texas and now lives in Boston. She explores the human condition and what surrounds us all, our relation with nature and the machinariums that saves and destroys our lives. Ans she makes it with a delicate and ancient touch. Jennifer is like a plumber for our souls. A couple more after the cut and lotta more on her website!

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shichigoro-shingo 4 Keep a Breast’s Tokyo Love Show

shichigoro-shingo joined the Keep a Breast Foundation‘s Tokyo Love Show with his reinterpretation of steam punk worlds. You can see above (and after the cut the back of the cast) his breast cast in full old tech quality!

IMPORTANT: Proceeds from the sale of all casts will benefit Keep A Breast Japan‘s breast cancer awareness and prevention programs: you can see all the casts on sale and infos on the exhibition HERE.

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Hilla Shamia

I’m moving hence I constantly ramble the web looking for furniture ideas and inputs: I discovered 2011’s Wood casting project by Hilla and I admit, I fell in love with her ideas. It’s like she takes steam punk to real life (check her Glazed Bubble project out!). Metal and wood and nature elements mixed together with alchemy and technique. The past is the future.

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Marcus Poston for Herzensbrecher show

Marcus‘ tender metal heart, Dance with beautiful girls.

[Remember, the  show is in favor of “Ein Herz für Kinder“, Strychnin Gallery and The New English launched the project in in cooperation with Gallery Geuer&Breckner, UF6 Projects and me. Artists were given a bone china heart to customize. These one of a kind artworks will be displayed in a traveling exhibition, which will kick off at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on March 16th.]


Oscar Sanmartin Vargas


Oscar was born in Zaragozza (Spain) in 1972. He reveals a different world with mixed media creations, from illustration to assemblage dioramas; while I was lookin at his images all the sci fi books of the 50s and 60s I read popped up in my mind. They were wild and extremely generous in exploring new worlds; they had so many ideas deep inside their pages.. just like in Oscar‘s art: a mix of metaphysical, steam punk and poor art. Amazing! More after the cut!

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