Herr Mueller


Martin Mueller is an illustrator based in Berlin. I like his work because his style is very contemporary and classic at the same time, he’s not looking for shortcuts like too many artists do. Martin goes to the soul of the matter, not just the aesthetic side. We are all monsters in crime, aren’t we? Go and check him out here.

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Handiedan was born in 1981 and lives in Amsterdam. She makes collages and cut ups and reveals a romantic world that is disappearing. Once things were warm, tactile and multilayered. Today it is cold outside and I feel a bit on a lonely planet. So, welcome Handiedan, see her art live at the Halle Saint Pierre museum at the HEY ! Modern Art & Pop Culture / Part II show, on her website and some more pics after the cut.

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Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji was born in 1982 and lives in LA. This is a teaser of her new solo show at CHG Circa, Corey Helford Gallery’s newest space, opening Novenber 3rd. The show, La Catrina, is about “La Calavera Catrina, or The Elegant Skull,  that was originally portrayed in 1910s by the Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada as a richly adorned skeletal figure and became an enduring icon of the “Day of the Dead” celebrations. The Catrina was adoptive of the Aztecan goddess Mictecacihuatl who in the afterlife watched over the bones of the dead and all commemorating festivals. In “La Catrina,” the Lady of the Dead oversees the artist’s changes, divined through painting, and reflective with her unearthly visage.”

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Lisa Black

Again with my Past Forward project, this is Lisa Black paying tribute to the “Vanitas” (a still life with symbolic elements such as hourglasses, skulls, extinguished candles, bubble blower… everything recalls that life has an end). The ever surprising Lisa sent me this hourglass made of 24ct gold electroplated skulls and black glass “sand”. Really amazing. Check her out HERE.

Janne Parviainen

Janne was born in Järvenpää, Finland, in 1980. I love this light painting he made a while ago, there is no post production in it, just lights and long exposure. And the effect is so alienating.. we are all alone in this movie lives we are playing. More after the cut and on his website (but one on the top is the special one according to me).

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Dimitri Tsykalov

Dimitri was born in Moscow and now lives in Paris. Some of his works are full of rage (the meat ones), some others are witness this rotting world like a memento mori (the vegetable skulls) and his latest seems just resigned (the knitted credit cards). And the wood skin bear (a puzzle of wooden ammunition boxes) is just amazing! Examples of all of them after the cut!

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Elena Rapa & Dast exhibition: Mutamenti

[Elena RapaLa prima stagione]

Elena and Dast decided to make an initiation journey to prepare themselves to the next 21/12/2012 prophecies. It starts from the body and soul exploration, then they study the mutation, and after that the apocalypse and at the end the newborn life.

The show will open tomorrow – April 6th – at Fabrica Fluxus Art Gallery in Bari, Italy. Don’t miss it (or at least get in touch with them for a catalog!)

And I had the honor to write e text about the mutation for the catalog of the exhibition’s catalog. More images after the cut!

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Tessa Farmer (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Tessa was born in Birmingham in 1978 and lives in London. Since 2007 her unique sculptures and her stop motion videos have attracted worldwide attention. They’ve been shown in England, in various locations in Oceania and at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The apparent spectrality of her work is actually a representation of a fairy world, a hymn to the natural cycle of life and death.

Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.

Selva Obscura (flyer preview) and more upcoming news

So, I’ve been quiet for a while, a bit of holiday and a bit of future planning. Here you can see the preview of my upcoming show: Selva Obscura at Officine dell’Immagine; it will open on Feb 23rd, deep in the heart of Milan’s Fashion Week. Look at the amazing painting by Chris Berens! And then.. there will be a new logo soon and a limited edition printed Woodenleg fanzine too! And a tribute to Philip K Dick with a ot lof italian photografers and a project about Ufos.. look at the news section every now and then and stay tuned!

Marcin Owczarek

Marcin was born in 1985 in Wroclaw, Poland. His manipulated photos reveal a world at his crepuscolo. Humans are dehumanized, the sky is a mechanical scale of grey, nature is lost. There is no turning back and all the symbols and images in Marcin‘s photomanipulation says that human history goal is selfdestruction (and everything surrrounds us too). No future?

Fernanda Veron interview

Fernanda was born in Argentina in ’78 and now lives in Rome. She’s an eclectic artist, video, installations and photography (from digital to waxed prints). She likes shiny rusty odd things, Crème Chantilly  and ancient mysteries.

Above you can see a selfportrait she made for Woodenleg and after the cut her latest waxed photos Fabrica Fluxus Gallery took to Blooom.

You were born in Argentina and then moved to Italy, what do remember of your childhood?
I remember happy moments, an illuminating childhood in contact with nature, and so many parties, so much love and magic moments. I used to invent games and I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I remember I ate flowers and spent many hours watching the sky and animals, I lived in the countryside in the midst of horses and peacocks along with my grandparents. I often slept because I liked to dream and as to best friend had a small pillow that I always carried along with me.

Do you feel like a migrant or a citizen of the world or what else?
I have a migrant nature, citizen of the world I belong, daughter of the old and the new world. I think the plan is like a blank sheet of the universe, you can feel for a moment a God if you connect the dots and create your own personal geography through creation.

What the future will be like?
In the future I see chaos, we are the living prophecy of this time passing fast in human history. I see that all our actions have not much to do with the future because I see that the future is now and we will determine what we do. You must be into the holographic thought to reverse the course of our destiny.
The road is the detachment from everything to understand and to do an action that will help us to apply a natural evolution.

And how do you feel in the depth of your soul?
There is movement, energy flowing, dismay, disquiet. I feel part of something bigger than me that is moving in and out of me. I feel the soul that drives me where the body does not arrive. I think there is a shared moment of awakening, perhaps we are close to the resurrection!.

Where (or in what) do you find sense?
It is difficult to answer this, but I find meaning in understanding, in sincerity, in humility, in the nature that resists, in tears, in diversity, in knowledge, in imagination in determining what we see and everything we want.

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The Enchanted Forest at the Civic Museum of Reggio Emilia preview


Curated by Giovanni Cervi & Yasha Young

Musei Civici 17 Giugno – 31 Agosto

Palazzo S. Francesco, via Spallanzani 1
Reggio Emilia


Every single minute a surface equal to 36 football fields disappear from our planet Earth. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. Deforested regions typically incur significant adverse soil erosion and frequently degrade into wasteland. Deforestation accounts for up to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, with the effects on climate changing that we’re watching almost every day in the news.

In occasion of the United Nation’s International Year of Forests, Musei Civici present THE ENCHANTED FOREST, an international charity group show dedicated to the forests and their inhabitants. Some rooms of the Museum will be turned into a magic garden by delicate, innocent, mutating to survive creatures.

We cannot survive in a habitat made of our own waste.

Luke Chueh – Mia Araujo – Caitlin Hackett – Travis Lampe – Bethany Marchman – Mimi S. – Seymour – Skeleton Heart – Daniel Van Nes – Christina Graf – Miraschi – Raf Veulemans – Lisa Black – Lisa Mei Ling Fong – Annie Bertram – Wee Flowers – Tamara Ferioli – Squp – Fernanda Veron – Angela Singer – David Hochbaum – Auriea Harvey & Micheal Samyn (Tale of Tales) – Sage Vaughn – Suzanne Moxhay – Yumiko Kayukawa – Lucy Mclauchlan – Lindsey Carr

            A percentage of the proceeds will go to Survival International (Italia)


info: Giovanni Cervi: gio.cervi@gmail.com


            In collaboration with Res PiraStrychnin GalleryRaggioverde

Daniel van Nes

Fernanda Veron

David Hochbaum

Angela Singer


I’m one of the curators of Blooom, a different kind of artfair. After the first edition we’re working on the second, and we won an important prize:

BLOOOM – the creative industries art show. has been awarded “Selected Landmark 2011” in the Land of Ideas!
We are pleased to announce that BLOOOM is prize winner in the contest “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” organized and put into effect by the regional initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” in close cooperation with Deutsche Bank.
BLOOOM as “Selected Landmark” is ambassador to the Land of Ideas in 2011 and is so representing the innovation potential of Germany.
At this point we would like to officially thank you for your participation and cooperation, your support, the interest and the trust you have placed in BLOOOM 2010. Without you this would not have been possible.

We’re awaiting a magnificent, interesting and exciting BLOOOM 2011 and are looking forward to once again welcoming you this autumn!

Yasha Young + Team
including the curators Daniel van Nes, Cliff Wallace, Giovanni Cervi, Christian Rothenhagen, Manuel Ströhlin


[photo by Halle Timo Katz]