Alessia Cocca interview

ale autoritratto

Alessia Cocca was born in Benevento (Italy) in 1982 and now lives in Berlin. She uses all the photo possibilities to explore big and small issues of our inner world. Enjoy the reading of her answers to a few questions.And don’t miss her solo show in Berlin: Absence / Mancanze opens 09. Feb. 2013  and will run ’till 23. Feb. 2013 at Kunstraum Tapir.

Full interview and preview images after the cut.
[All images and self portrait copyright by Alessia Cocca]

Where do you come from and where will you go?

I come from Italy and I will go towards everyone, everyplace and everything that is waiting for me, I don’t know where.

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Ludiko > Philip K Dick tribute


PKD wrote a few non science fiction novels between 1948 and 1960, Confessions of a crap artist is one of these, originally written in 1959. Charley and Fay are married and live in a place that looks like Twin Peaks 30 ears earlier, just a little bit less creepy. In the end, Charley kills all Fay’s animals and then commits suicide. This is Ludiko showing us that tragic epilogue. Details pics after the cut.

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Christian Rainer > Philip K Dick tribute

C.Rainer - Rehab 5 - Stefano e Antonella insieme

A scanner darkly is an award winning novel by PKD about drugs abuse and related issues. Bob Arctor is the protagonist: his persistent use of the drug “Substance D” causes the two hemispheres of his brain to function independently, or “compete.” After the cut “Rehab”, the whole junkie set by Christian Rainer about Bob and his mates and their world.

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Serena Zanardi > Philip K Dick tribute

Foglia Web

Of Withered Apples (1954) is a curious short story by Philip K Dick. It deals with mystery and it has a borderline horror taste. A dried apple leaf stings Lori and then… well you can red the full story clicking its title. This is Lori photographed by Serena Zanardi, an amazing diptych you can see ’till tomorrow at the Here Today, Mars Tomorrow show at the Ducal Palace in Genoa, Italy.

Mele Web

Squp > Philip K Dick tribute

Squp_Precog_Donna Precog da Rapporto di minoranza

Squp pays tribute to grand master Philip K Dick choosing the “precog woman” from The Minority Report tale (1956). Precogs are raised in a government-operated training school for people with dysfunctional brain. The precogs are kept in rigid position by metal bands, clamps and wiring, which keep them attached to special high-backed chairs. Their physical needs are taken care of automatically and it is said that they have no spiritual needs. They do not understand their predictions. Most of the data produced is useless for preventing murders and is passed to other agencies.

Zaelia Bishop > Philip K Dick tribute


On December 12/21/12 I opened an exhibition at the Ducal Palace in Genoa, Italy: Here today, Mars tomorrow. I asked artists to portrait a character taken from PKD stories. This is Kongrosian by Zaelia Bishop. Richard Kongrosian (from The Simulacra – 1964) is a well known pianist who performs in the White House. Kongrosian believes that his body odor is lethal; this belief is delusional, he has no such body odor. Kongrosian has telekinetic abilities: he can play piano using only his mind and he is schizoid. Unfortunately he cannot recover because analysts are illegal.

Sandra Hauser

Sandra was born in Bad Aibling, Germany, in 1983 and now lives in Rome. This is You have to die before you can die, her photo and video installation inspired by Caravaggio’s David and Goliath. Hauser takes on her shoulders the weight of the role of witness of our troubled times, she interprets our society’s contradictions with profound delicacy and intense drama, leaving an emotional scar on the  audience. Please note: the photo is a double selfportrait. More about her work HERE.

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Lisa Black

Again with my Past Forward project, this is Lisa Black paying tribute to the “Vanitas” (a still life with symbolic elements such as hourglasses, skulls, extinguished candles, bubble blower… everything recalls that life has an end). The ever surprising Lisa sent me this hourglass made of 24ct gold electroplated skulls and black glass “sand”. Really amazing. Check her out HERE.

Francesca Dalla Benetta

Francesca was born in Florence (Italy) in 1977 and now lives in Mexico. This is her work for my Past Forward project, Transmutation of the spirit into the flesh, that was inspired by the small altar on the background, from the permanent collection of the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa. Francesca’s piece gives a perfect idea of her imaginary, a world where the evolution of the inner side goes side by side with the mutation of the body and of the planet Earth. Check her out HERE!

Paolo Polloniato

[photo by Sandra Hauser]

Paolo Polloniato was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1977, this is Hodierna, the sculpture he did for my Past Forward show, it is inspired by the Venere Italica by Antonio Canova and perfectly camouflaged among other Canova’s original pieces. Paolo’s art is a perfect balance of concept and aesthetics, check him out HERE.

Alessia Cocca

Alessia‘s latest body of work will be on the walls of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin from June 7th at 19:00. Her latest body of work, Le rose di Alfredo (Alfredo’s roses), was inspired by the story of Alfredo “Alfredino” Rampi: the six-year Alfredino fell on 10 June 1981 in Vermicino near Rome, 36 meters deep in a well. Despite the several days of rescue efforts, the child could only be recovered dead. The powerful photographs of Alessia bring back her childhood memory of that episode, reinterpreted with powerful symbolism, so common in Alessia‘s work. More images after the cut!

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Micheal Page

Michael was born in 1979, lives and works in San Francisco. His painting is ever-moving, from the first scenarios that remind the Thirties ghost stories told in the woods, to the kaleidoscopic explosion of primordial fluid that wraps animals, humans and towns. Always used in every culture, nature and its powerful symbols, horses and trees (for example), remain focused in Michael’s imagination, a third millennium’s “Maestro”.

Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.
[special thanks to Yasha Young]

Marcus Poston (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Marcus (New York, 1974) is a storyteller. He collects the city rubble to build cases and simulacra and uses the little, but important, things we lose to put a soul inside it. Keys, watches, locks… cold metal that contrasts with the wood’s soothed vitality; gentleness and strength are fused together. The opposites that, as usual, attract and the secrets are explored and brought to new life.

Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.
[special thanks to Yasha Young]

Tessa Farmer (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Tessa was born in Birmingham in 1978 and lives in London. Since 2007 her unique sculptures and her stop motion videos have attracted worldwide attention. They’ve been shown in England, in various locations in Oceania and at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The apparent spectrality of her work is actually a representation of a fairy world, a hymn to the natural cycle of life and death.

Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.

Squp (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Squp was born in Castelfranco Veneto in 1967 and is Professor of Digital Image Processing. The aquatic world, its mythology, its originating process of life is the focus of her research. The alternation of attraction to the past (the monsters, meaning “miracles” according to the Latin etymology) and references to a possible future (women mutated, queens of the primordial elements) bring us in an evocative run into other planes of reality. Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.

Eric van Straaten (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Eric (Leiden, Netherlands, 1969) is a pioneer in 3D digital sculpting. Being a perfectionist he abandoned the resin and the wax for the digital modeling, which allows near-total control of the result. Each sculpture is a special case, given the young age of technology and the climate of experimentation constant characteristic of today’s high tech world.
Read the Selva Obscura show press release in english HERE and in italian HERE.
[special thanks to Yasha Young]

Hikari Shimoda (Selva Obscura exhibition preview)

Hikari was born in Nagano in 1984 and I proudly involved her in the Selva Obscura show (read press release in english HERE and in italian HERE). His characters move between enchantment and pain in a world of magic and childlike, polluted by all the contradictions of modern life and filtered by the rich contemporary japanese iconography. These are the two children of the stars paintings she sent me, hopefully they will save the world!

Whaleless @ Fabrica Fluxus

Fabrica Fluxus Art Gallery



a Giovanni Cervi project

in joint with Res Pira

Opening  June Tuesday 21st

at 19.00

Via Celentano 39, Bari

the show runs ’till July 22nd 2011


 Angie Mason § Aurélien Police § Alessia Cocca § Bethany Marchman § Bombo § Cesko § Ciou § Cliff Wallace § Comoseta § Elena Rapa § Fernanda Veron § Giada Woodenboxes § Jennibird § Karin Andersen § Kokomoo § Lina Stigsson § Lisa Mei Ling Fong § Lostfish § Marco Cazzato § Nicoz Balboa § Mimi’s § Morg § Peggy Van Reeth § Ryan Meyers § Zoe Lacchei.

part of the proceeds will be donated to Tethys Research Institute

Info:  tel: 080/5236319

Links: / /  /

The Enchanted Forest at the Civic Museum of Reggio Emilia preview


Curated by Giovanni Cervi & Yasha Young

Musei Civici 17 Giugno – 31 Agosto

Palazzo S. Francesco, via Spallanzani 1
Reggio Emilia

Every single minute a surface equal to 36 football fields disappear from our planet Earth. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. Deforested regions typically incur significant adverse soil erosion and frequently degrade into wasteland. Deforestation accounts for up to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, with the effects on climate changing that we’re watching almost every day in the news.

In occasion of the United Nation’s International Year of Forests, Musei Civici present THE ENCHANTED FOREST, an international charity group show dedicated to the forests and their inhabitants. Some rooms of the Museum will be turned into a magic garden by delicate, innocent, mutating to survive creatures.

We cannot survive in a habitat made of our own waste.

Luke Chueh – Mia Araujo – Caitlin Hackett – Travis Lampe – Bethany Marchman – Mimi S. – Seymour – Skeleton Heart – Daniel Van Nes – Christina Graf – Miraschi – Raf Veulemans – Lisa Black – Lisa Mei Ling Fong – Annie Bertram – Wee Flowers – Tamara Ferioli – Squp – Fernanda Veron – Angela Singer – David Hochbaum – Auriea Harvey & Micheal Samyn (Tale of Tales) – Sage Vaughn – Suzanne Moxhay – Yumiko Kayukawa – Lucy Mclauchlan – Lindsey Carr

            A percentage of the proceeds will go to Survival International (Italia)


info: Giovanni Cervi:


            In collaboration with Res PiraStrychnin GalleryRaggioverde

Daniel van Nes

Fernanda Veron

David Hochbaum

Angela Singer