Alessia Cocca interview

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Alessia Cocca was born in Benevento (Italy) in 1982 and now lives in Berlin. She uses all the photo possibilities to explore big and small issues of our inner world. Enjoy the reading of her answers to a few questions.And don’t miss her solo show in Berlin: Absence / Mancanze opens 09. Feb. 2013  and will run ’till 23. Feb. 2013 at Kunstraum Tapir.

Full interview and preview images after the cut.
[All images and self portrait copyright by Alessia Cocca]

Where do you come from and where will you go?

I come from Italy and I will go towards everyone, everyplace and everything that is waiting for me, I don’t know where.

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Carolina Melis interview

[ITALIAN text and more images after the cut]

Carolina was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1975. She’ a magistrate in animation and illustration an recently fell in love with tapestry. Some of her Sardinia inspired tapestries, illustrations and movies will be at the Italian Culture Institute in London, opening tomorrow 24th November ’till 15th December.

What does “patterns” means to you?
I find patterns very satisfying, mesmerising. I remember I was in Barcelona once on a very stressful work trip. My head was full of thought that I couldn’t sleep. Eventually I noticed the beautifully decorated tiles on the floor and my thoughts got lost in the design, the repeats, the details and the grand picture. Possibly patterns are for me what numbers are for a mathematician, I always try to find the rules that hold the design together.

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Fernanda Veron interview

Fernanda was born in Argentina in ’78 and now lives in Rome. She’s an eclectic artist, video, installations and photography (from digital to waxed prints). She likes shiny rusty odd things, Crème Chantilly  and ancient mysteries.

Above you can see a selfportrait she made for Woodenleg and after the cut her latest waxed photos Fabrica Fluxus Gallery took to Blooom.

You were born in Argentina and then moved to Italy, what do remember of your childhood?
I remember happy moments, an illuminating childhood in contact with nature, and so many parties, so much love and magic moments. I used to invent games and I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I remember I ate flowers and spent many hours watching the sky and animals, I lived in the countryside in the midst of horses and peacocks along with my grandparents. I often slept because I liked to dream and as to best friend had a small pillow that I always carried along with me.

Do you feel like a migrant or a citizen of the world or what else?
I have a migrant nature, citizen of the world I belong, daughter of the old and the new world. I think the plan is like a blank sheet of the universe, you can feel for a moment a God if you connect the dots and create your own personal geography through creation.

What the future will be like?
In the future I see chaos, we are the living prophecy of this time passing fast in human history. I see that all our actions have not much to do with the future because I see that the future is now and we will determine what we do. You must be into the holographic thought to reverse the course of our destiny.
The road is the detachment from everything to understand and to do an action that will help us to apply a natural evolution.

And how do you feel in the depth of your soul?
There is movement, energy flowing, dismay, disquiet. I feel part of something bigger than me that is moving in and out of me. I feel the soul that drives me where the body does not arrive. I think there is a shared moment of awakening, perhaps we are close to the resurrection!.

Where (or in what) do you find sense?
It is difficult to answer this, but I find meaning in understanding, in sincerity, in humility, in the nature that resists, in tears, in diversity, in knowledge, in imagination in determining what we see and everything we want.

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Ludiko interview

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALudiko is a duo of artist / designers devoted to the wild childish cretivity. They are Miss Paka and Ludiko Boy and live in Omegna, Italy, close to a lake where their run a studio open to similar minded people. Their goal is: bringing back the child that sleeps in every adult.

Ludiko è un duo di artisti / designer devoti allo sviluppo della creatività infantile. Si chiamano Miss Paka e Ludiko Boy e vivono a Omegna, una tranquilla cittadina sulle sponde del lago d’Orta. Il loro scopo è risvegliare il bambino sopito in ogni adulto.


Nicol Vizioli interview

849_10151931306694027_1471282299_nSo, here we go with an uprising young photographer. Nicol lives in London, born in Rome.

Who is Nicol Vizioli?

I’m constantly looking for something, inside and outside me. I often meet incredible creatures and together we listen and tell stories. I am all of them.

Where is your fav place to shoot?

For long time it has been outside, the forest, the countryside, the small wood close to the place I grew up. But my work is changing and I am changing with it. I lately discovered a more intimate dimension, shooting in an empty space, it could be a room or anything I would call a studio. It doesn’t really matter: an empty space, a bare stage, is for me all the choices together, that is so inspiring.

When did you shoot your first photo? How was it?

My father is a photographer, so I guess I have always been familiar with pictures, somehow. But at some point he gave me an old reflex, I was 18. I remember a series of bw films, long days with a friend of mine in her darkroom. And I clearly remember that one day, a specific image appeared on the paper: it was a portrait of a child, smiling and showing a couple of missing teeth. There was something strong in it, something new, the imperfection, the messy hair, I can’t really say. I just felt very close to it, excited. For those reasons I guess that was the first real picture I took.

What is your main instinct?


Why animals, nature and animistic – life principles in your photos?

The natural world has always had a certain influence on me, it is where I feel close to my inner voice, where I feel I can start again, where all the secrets seem to be revealed. My dreams are full of animals; they bring new secrets and I love them.

Arianna Carossa interview

Arianna is a kinda sister to me. I decided to give her the post #100 of my blog. She’s in NY now, having dinners with cool people, fighting with rats and doing a residency ay ISCP. And I miss her.


Dove sei ora? e dove è il tuo cuore?
Sono a casa a New York. Il cuore è dentro di me, a volte, quando batte veloce, è ancora più vicino.

Quando morirai?
Quando smetterò di desiderare.

Chi sei ora? E chi eri l’anno scorso? E il prossimo anno?
Oggi sono una donna americana, l’anno scorso ero una donna genovese… un po’ come Cristoforo Colombo, credo.. Scopro la mia Brooklyn. Penso che l’anno prossimo sarò una donna newyorchese, senza la mappa della metropolitana.

Quale sarebbe una perfetta definizione del tuo immaginario?
L’immaginario delle scale.

Perché pensi di avere questa tensione a fare di più con meno?
Ho tensione in qualunque cosa debba decidere… Voglio tutto quello che desidero.
Fare il meno significa un pudding dolce alla cannella e dire un sacco di stronzate in inglese più di quando parlo in italiano, credo.

Where are you now? And where is your heart?

I’m in Brooklyn at home. My heart is inside of me, sometime when is beating very fast it goes close to me.

When will you die?

When I will stop to wish.

Who are you now? And who were you last year? And who will be next year?

Now I am a American woman, last year a was a Genovesian woman…like a Cristoforo Colombo, I think…

I discover my Brooklyn.

I think that next year will be a newyorker woman, but without metro-map.

What could be a perfect definition of your imaginario?

The imaginario of the steps (stairs).

Why do you have this tension to do more with less?

I have more and more tension in everything I decide to do… I want all I  wish.

My less point is the sweet brown pudding of cinnamon and when I speak in english I say many bullshit than in italian language…I guess.