Dorothy Gray

Dorothy Gray is an amazing creative product designer converging to the art side. Her style is playful and conceptual. Everyday objects will never be the same, neither old craftsmen and farmers ones. Check out loads of her amazing projects here and the spade 2.o after the cut!

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Super minimal new Nendo‘s installation <<Installation for the main event “future primitives” at Biennale INTERIEUR 2012, held in Kortrijk, Belgium. A number of artists, designers and architects were asked to design a single 60 square meters space under the theme ‘a room that represents the interior space of the future’. We jettisoned the idea of a single space in favor of six small structures, each with multiple floor layers, adding up to a total floor space of 60 square meters. Each of the structures displays a single fishline chair. Rather than constructing a single space through multiple pieces of furniture, our structures create a specialized space for each single piece. Extending the idea outwards, our pavilion becomes like a village for chairs>>

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Hilla Shamia

I’m moving hence I constantly ramble the web looking for furniture ideas and inputs: I discovered 2011’s Wood casting project by Hilla and I admit, I fell in love with her ideas. It’s like she takes steam punk to real life (check her Glazed Bubble project out!). Metal and wood and nature elements mixed together with alchemy and technique. The past is the future.

More after the cut and on her website!

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Marco Puccini

Marco comes from afar.. His ghost like puppy aliens had an evolution over the years and now they are ready to take the Earth.And I think that all he trys to do is to take under control this modern age of alienation. Beware the white monsters. Watch out the attack of the terrifying rainbow sun. Nothing can stop the weird holes from Venus. they walk among us.


I’m one of the curators of Blooom, a different kind of artfair. After the first edition we’re working on the second, and we won an important prize:

BLOOOM – the creative industries art show. has been awarded “Selected Landmark 2011” in the Land of Ideas!
We are pleased to announce that BLOOOM is prize winner in the contest “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” organized and put into effect by the regional initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” in close cooperation with Deutsche Bank.
BLOOOM as “Selected Landmark” is ambassador to the Land of Ideas in 2011 and is so representing the innovation potential of Germany.
At this point we would like to officially thank you for your participation and cooperation, your support, the interest and the trust you have placed in BLOOOM 2010. Without you this would not have been possible.

We’re awaiting a magnificent, interesting and exciting BLOOOM 2011 and are looking forward to once again welcoming you this autumn!

Yasha Young + Team
including the curators Daniel van Nes, Cliff Wallace, Giovanni Cervi, Christian Rothenhagen, Manuel Ströhlin


[photo by Halle Timo Katz]