Warren Haasnoot

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Warren Haasnoot is a young architect from Newcastle (AUS). I love his Carrington Wharf Project, I imagine all these tables hanging in an art gallery’s wall attracting envies and curses by loads of so-called-artists. Go on Warren!

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Super minimal new Nendo‘s installation <<Installation for the main event “future primitives” at Biennale INTERIEUR 2012, held in Kortrijk, Belgium. A number of artists, designers and architects were asked to design a single 60 square meters space under the theme ‘a room that represents the interior space of the future’. We jettisoned the idea of a single space in favor of six small structures, each with multiple floor layers, adding up to a total floor space of 60 square meters. Each of the structures displays a single fishline chair. Rather than constructing a single space through multiple pieces of furniture, our structures create a specialized space for each single piece. Extending the idea outwards, our pavilion becomes like a village for chairs>>

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Angie Mason

Angie is the queen of all the interrupted children. Her characters float between dream and destruction, always with a delicate aftertaste of lost innocence, or better: they seem caught in the very same moment of losing innocence, of reaching despair after happiness, of sharing sadness. With a romantic rock’n’roll touch. Her new solo show will be in NY at Sacred Gallery, opening July 7th, 2012, she sent me some studio pics, a couple more after the cut, I hope you will enjoy them!

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Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song

I’m a bit late on this, but E-Volo Magazine Skyscraper annual competition always deserves a look. 2012 winner project is Himalaya Water Tower, designed to store water and regulate its dispersal to the land below as the mountains’ natural supplies dry up. It is not a positive way to look at the future by chinese winners architects Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song so let’s all take care of our glaciers. More detailed images after the CUT.

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Oscar Sanmartin Vargas


Oscar was born in Zaragozza (Spain) in 1972. He reveals a different world with mixed media creations, from illustration to assemblage dioramas; while I was lookin at his images all the sci fi books of the 50s and 60s I read popped up in my mind. They were wild and extremely generous in exploring new worlds; they had so many ideas deep inside their pages.. just like in Oscar‘s art: a mix of metaphysical, steam punk and poor art. Amazing! More after the cut!

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I’m one of the curators of Blooom, a different kind of artfair. After the first edition we’re working on the second, and we won an important prize:

BLOOOM – the creative industries art show. has been awarded “Selected Landmark 2011” in the Land of Ideas!
We are pleased to announce that BLOOOM is prize winner in the contest “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” organized and put into effect by the regional initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” in close cooperation with Deutsche Bank.
BLOOOM as “Selected Landmark” is ambassador to the Land of Ideas in 2011 and is so representing the innovation potential of Germany.
At this point we would like to officially thank you for your participation and cooperation, your support, the interest and the trust you have placed in BLOOOM 2010. Without you this would not have been possible.

We’re awaiting a magnificent, interesting and exciting BLOOOM 2011 and are looking forward to once again welcoming you this autumn!

Yasha Young + Team
including the curators Daniel van Nes, Cliff Wallace, Giovanni Cervi, Christian Rothenhagen, Manuel Ströhlin


[photo by Halle Timo Katz]