Guest bloggers



[photo by Neda Abghari]

Bethany Marchman

born in Winter Park, Florida, U.S.A., 1974
Using traditional oils to create parallels between innocence and influence/ history and popular culture,
Bethany Marchman’s paintings are sometimes funny and sometimes sad. They are reflections of the awkward changes we experience as individuals and as a society, while questioning whether or not growth is synonymous with improvement.
Marchman’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the country and internationally, as well as in notable art fairs and museums.

Nila Shabnam Bonetti (Milan, Italy, 1980)

She writes about art and art actions that deal with society and the environment issues.

Art curator and critic, founder and President of Laboratorio Alchemico’s Cultural Association – a hub  for cultural events, exhibitions and performances, mainly in urban, public spaces and natural places such as forests and parks.

Nila wrote for Lobodilattice, Artribune, EQUIPèCO, Exibart and Kritika and worked for Arsprima and Amy_d Art Space.

Despite everything Nila doesn’t give up to be optimistic.

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