Oded Ezer

OdedEzer_TheNote_1-650x406Oded Ezer (b.1972) is an Israeli type designer artist. His approach is both emotional and scientific, and this is a pretty unique case. Typography is his stepping stone, his projects revolve around fonts and how we communicate. It’s like he is from another planet: his anarchic way of watching reality brings lettering to evolve in new living structures that keep mutating and spread powerful emotions. Welcome to a new world order.

OdedEzer_TheNote_2tumblr_lut5bmsFwD1qbsxm5o1_1280 SH04_1odedezerts5Oded-Ezer1_1Ezer_UnimNoth-1280x680 4376118428_cb0cd97a68_z 547

Ezer_Typo-ants3ding_aan_10_83344_26be2633_orig 5

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