Dorothy_0034+35-Colour-of-Song_MusicDorothy is a bunch of creative people living in the UK, they are on the edge of art, graphic and product design and irreverence. I love one of their latest projects: The Colour of Popular Music and The Colour of Song. It’s a kind of geek / music maniac with autism poster art. Dorothy made two color wheels featuring the names of 154 bands (and artists) and the titles of 576 songs respectively, each one have a color in the name/title and it is put in the right color scale position. Check their website HERE.

Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_e Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_d Dorothy_0034_Colour of Music_b[The Colour of Popular Music]

Dorothy_0035_Colour of Song_c Dorothy_0035_Colour of Song_d Dorothy_0035_Colour of Song_e[The Colour of Song]

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