Ciou at KOCHxBOS Gallery

Ciou_KochxBosGallery_The-enchanted-ribbon50x40cmCiou (b. 1981) was born and lives in Toulouse – France. Her art is a perfectly balanced mix of different influences and personal visions and she does it with her own obscure yet blinking style. On Saturday, March 23rd, she will open A Spell on You, her third solo exposition in Amsterdam at KOCHxBOS Gallery. Ciou will unveil her new production, she boiled down the last 100 years of pop culture (music, pin ups, manga, primitive and religious art, art nouveau, tattoos, old toys and mexican culture) into one drop of artist blood, a tear full of broken colors and shifting and shining shapes. Selection of images courtesy of KOCHxBOS Gallery, don’t miss this show.

Ciou_KochxBosGallery_witches-convention74x63cmCiou_KochxBosGallery_skull-spell 22x28cm Ciou_KochxBosGallery_octopus-siamesetwins-symdrom26x21cm Ciou_KochxBosGallery_moshi-moshi 34x28cm Ciou_KochxBosGallery_mister-Wallace-magician-company1400_46x60cm Ciou_KochxBosGallery_le-chaudron-magique_34x28cm Ciou_KochxBosGallery_Endorphine_The_Charming_Lady Ciou_KochxBosGallery_dream-parade-72dpi Ciou_KochxBosGallery_devil playground Ciou_KochxBos_Gallery_Heart-spell_22x28cm Ciou_2012_home-sweet-home-64x55cm

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