Christian Rainer > Philip K Dick tribute

C.Rainer - Rehab 5 - Stefano e Antonella insieme

A scanner darkly is an award winning novel by PKD about drugs abuse and related issues. Bob Arctor is the protagonist: his persistent use of the drug “Substance D” causes the two hemispheres of his brain to function independently, or “compete.” After the cut “Rehab”, the whole junkie set by Christian Rainer about Bob and his mates and their world.

C.Rainer - Rehab 1 - Contemplazione di Stefano altrove

C.Rainer - Rehab 2 - Francesca si confida

C.Rainer - Rehab 4 - Natale scorso

C.Rainer - Rehab 3 - le mani e le forbici

C.Rainer - Rehab 6 - Il vapore dalla poltrona

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