Fernanda Veron interview

Fernanda was born in Argentina in ’78 and now lives in Rome. She’s an eclectic artist, video, installations and photography (from digital to waxed prints). She likes shiny rusty odd things, Crème Chantilly  and ancient mysteries.

Above you can see a selfportrait she made for Woodenleg and after the cut her latest waxed photos Fabrica Fluxus Gallery took to Blooom.

You were born in Argentina and then moved to Italy, what do remember of your childhood?
I remember happy moments, an illuminating childhood in contact with nature, and so many parties, so much love and magic moments. I used to invent games and I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I remember I ate flowers and spent many hours watching the sky and animals, I lived in the countryside in the midst of horses and peacocks along with my grandparents. I often slept because I liked to dream and as to best friend had a small pillow that I always carried along with me.

Do you feel like a migrant or a citizen of the world or what else?
I have a migrant nature, citizen of the world I belong, daughter of the old and the new world. I think the plan is like a blank sheet of the universe, you can feel for a moment a God if you connect the dots and create your own personal geography through creation.

What the future will be like?
In the future I see chaos, we are the living prophecy of this time passing fast in human history. I see that all our actions have not much to do with the future because I see that the future is now and we will determine what we do. You must be into the holographic thought to reverse the course of our destiny.
The road is the detachment from everything to understand and to do an action that will help us to apply a natural evolution.

And how do you feel in the depth of your soul?
There is movement, energy flowing, dismay, disquiet. I feel part of something bigger than me that is moving in and out of me. I feel the soul that drives me where the body does not arrive. I think there is a shared moment of awakening, perhaps we are close to the resurrection!.

Where (or in what) do you find sense?
It is difficult to answer this, but I find meaning in understanding, in sincerity, in humility, in the nature that resists, in tears, in diversity, in knowledge, in imagination in determining what we see and everything we want.

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