Whaleless @ Fabrica Fluxus

Fabrica Fluxus Art Gallery



a Giovanni Cervi project

in joint with Res Pira

Opening  June Tuesday 21st

at 19.00

Via Celentano 39, Bari

the show runs ’till July 22nd 2011


 Angie Mason § Aurélien Police § Alessia Cocca § Bethany Marchman § Bombo § Cesko § Ciou § Cliff Wallace § Comoseta § Elena Rapa § Fernanda Veron § Giada Woodenboxes § Jennibird § Karin Andersen § Kokomoo § Lina Stigsson § Lisa Mei Ling Fong § Lostfish § Marco Cazzato § Nicoz Balboa § Mimi’s § Morg § Peggy Van Reeth § Ryan Meyers § Zoe Lacchei.

part of the proceeds will be donated to Tethys Research Institute

Info: fabricafluxus@gmail.com  tel: 080/5236319


www.fabricafluxus.com / www.whaleless.blogspot.com

www.ecopirates.wordpress.com / www.res-pira.blogspot.com

www.ketosproject.com  /


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