Nicol Vizioli interview

849_10151931306694027_1471282299_nSo, here we go with an uprising young photographer. Nicol lives in London, born in Rome.

Who is Nicol Vizioli?

I’m constantly looking for something, inside and outside me. I often meet incredible creatures and together we listen and tell stories. I am all of them.

Where is your fav place to shoot?

For long time it has been outside, the forest, the countryside, the small wood close to the place I grew up. But my work is changing and I am changing with it. I lately discovered a more intimate dimension, shooting in an empty space, it could be a room or anything I would call a studio. It doesn’t really matter: an empty space, a bare stage, is for me all the choices together, that is so inspiring.

When did you shoot your first photo? How was it?

My father is a photographer, so I guess I have always been familiar with pictures, somehow. But at some point he gave me an old reflex, I was 18. I remember a series of bw films, long days with a friend of mine in her darkroom. And I clearly remember that one day, a specific image appeared on the paper: it was a portrait of a child, smiling and showing a couple of missing teeth. There was something strong in it, something new, the imperfection, the messy hair, I can’t really say. I just felt very close to it, excited. For those reasons I guess that was the first real picture I took.

What is your main instinct?


Why animals, nature and animistic – life principles in your photos?

The natural world has always had a certain influence on me, it is where I feel close to my inner voice, where I feel I can start again, where all the secrets seem to be revealed. My dreams are full of animals; they bring new secrets and I love them.

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