Aëla Labbé interview

Aëla is a  young french contemporary dancer  and freelance photographer. Dust, dreams and memories fill her photographic imaginario. She’ll taka part to Le Voyage Initiatique at Fotografiaeuropea festival.

Who introduced you to the camera’s world?

No one, photography came as a need into my life after a difficult period…

From an early age I devoted myself to dancing I became increasingly interested in photography afterwards; I see it as by essence connected to dance.

What childhood means to you?

Nostalgia of a lost time…

When will your portraits grow up?

Children (my nephews) are all over my galleries but I do shoot grown ups as well… My sister

Maïna, my boyfriend Neoklis, my friends Laurie, Genevieve, Eleni … persons I love and with who I have a special intimacy

I also do lots of self-portraits; even if my soul remains in childhood I guess I’m an adult…

Why do you thin your photos are so delicate, evanescent and powerful at the same time?

My work is made up of my memories, my emotions, my hopes, my thoughts, and my inner turbulences. There is a certain wistfulness about it – a shroud of reverie perhaps…

Childhood itself (which is a recurrent theme in my work) is seen as delicate besides what interests me the most is to research darker sides and unconventional representations … Sometimes people tell my images are disturbing… because I put children deliberately in uncomfortable positions. This belongs to my vision: to my mind, children are not only “cute” beings and they are not that “innocent”, they can see, hear, feel, understand…I think they have much more serious thoughts and stories inside than we usually think. I’m always moved and terribly inspired by Jeanne, my niece, she has this gravity and such melancholic face for her young age.

Where do you feel at home?

The family house in Saint-Nolff a small village of Brittany, France. I’m living here with my parents, my sisters and brother coming over very often with the kids… a cosy and atypical place full of love, old books and relics where I found most of my inspirations.

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